See the sun slowly sinking
Behind the stonework gloom
Lazily lying upon my bed
Breathing in the fumes
Lingering long in my head
My worries melt away
Abstract thoughts and instant pictures
Guide me on my way

Although I lie in cold relief
A catatonic crucial state
I wander through the threads of thought
That could become my fate
The ultimate is always sought
Along the path of dreams
To abandon, to self-indulge
In all, or so it seems

The path though long it's undisturbed
By the test of time
Travelled not by man or beast
Though there for all to find
In gilden trees hang golden leaves
Waiting autumns fall
A scene so soft and beautiful
Yet so securely small

The sun cuts through the nighttime
In the brilliant break of dawn
The morning finds me again
But the world to me is gone
I wake from lapsing vision
A paradise ascue
I begin again the process
There's nothing else to do

© Copyright 1987 John Moxey, all rights reserved